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I wasn't expected to lose the 20-20 sight I was born with, nor did professionals think I'd survive the cancer that took it from me as an infant. The childhood love of music I developed in subsequent years made sense to those around me, while my profound fascination with colour and imagery was decidedly less logical. This trend continued, imbedding an amusingly perverse streak in an otherwise conformist personality. Passions and passtimes usually wound up taking on an unconventional bent due to my fascination with things that, according to all reason, would be inaccessible to me. Even my career path was marked out for me when a respected member of my chosen industry told me the role I aspired to (and currently work in ) was impossible for a blind person. This blog will not be a space where I muse on the various quirks of my personality, but rather what those quirks have led me to enjoy. Over the years I've developed a fierce love of subjects that were logically closed to me because of my lack of sight. Fashion and cooking are chief among them, but others will doubtless surface as I fill up this space. I invite you to share my less-conventional perspective on these well-worn topics, as well as to chime in with questions and thoughts of your own. If there's an issue you're keen to see me cover, just drop me a line and I'll likely be happy to take it on. I abhore political correctness, have no qualms whatsoever about discussing any aspect of my blindness and would love the chance to throw the floor open for some dialog. I insist, however, that that dialog be respectful at all times. Any remarks that are cruel or intolerant towards myself or others will be deleted immediately.

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