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I’ve just finished quasi-watching the political hijinx known as a U.S. presidential debate, and this could well be the reason that I’m filled with a perverse desire to justify my extended hiatus from this space. In homage to my motivator, I will therefore gloss over my past history and evident shortcomings and focus instead on the silver linings in my extended blogging absence, no matter how tarnished they may be:
1. I’m still alive. Perhaps a little weary from a period of considerable personal turbulence, but kicking nonetheless
2. I haven’t exhausted the running list of prospective blog topics that still resides on my desktop. Not even close, actually.
3. I haven’t been spamming your blog readers or twitter feeds
4??? No, that’s about it, I’m afraid. :p It’s pretty clear now that I’m really not so hot at this whole consistent blogging thing, and any readers I had could well be forgiven for jumping ship. But perhaps against all odds there are some intrepid souls who have stood their ground on
the shifting sands of my blog commitment. If that’s you, I’m very sorry. And I will try to get back in gear.
So…anyone out there??? Bueller??? :p

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So 2011 has come and gone (happy new year to all y’all who celebrated this turnover in the past couple of days). This was not a high water-mark in my blogging history, as revealed by the annual report that indicated I’d put up a lowly six entries in the past 12 months. I swear that’s not right! Right or wrong, though, I neglected this space to a shameful degree. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw this tidbit in the 2011 compilation of vital stats:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Those are hilariously low numbers in the blogging universe — Potatoes so small they’re not even worth seasoning. Still, they surprised the hell out of me in the best possible way. Who knew that more than a handful of people were stopping by this little web knook of mine? It’s a hell of a better turnout than my pathetic efforts deserve, and I’m grateful to you all. For all of our sakes, I pledge to blog better in 2012.

If you want to shape your own reading experience by offering input into Eyeronic’s focus, layout or content, Drop a line in the Suggestion Box or take 10 seconds to fill out this brief feedback survey

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2012!

Edited to add: I did a quick tally, and by my count the number of 2011 blog posts cracked double digits at 10. That’s still pretty damn lame, but someone’s gotta say it…SUCK IT, WordPress Agrigator! ūüôā

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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Eyeronic, a space where I allow myself to blog about issues that you may not expect to hear about from a blind person. These can include anything from my love of fashion and ongoing quest for style, to my numerous culinary adventures as I pursue one of my favourite hobbies, to musings on why political correctness can dampen my otherwise keen enjoyment of movies, tv and other visual media. Fashion will have an especially¬†prominent place at first, cince¬†the encouragement to launch this cybercorner came from the incredible ladies at YouLookFab.com, but I’m sure this space will evolve over time. If there’s¬†any topic you’d be particularly interested to¬†discuss, shout it out and you’ll more than likely see it addressed right here! The handy-dandy suggestion box is the place to go for all your input.

So welcome aboard, thank you for overlooking the blog name (which may or may not¬†be¬†resurrecting horrific memories of a certain grammatically-flawed Alanis song), and let’s talk!

P.S. I’d also be grateful for suggestions on how to make this blog more visually appealing…Irony, indeed!

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