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I’ve always been the first to poke fun at myself and my blindness, not always very tastefully (I know, big shock). 🙂 As I sat here on this quiet Halloween night, trying to trick myself into not craving homemade apple caramel crisp and savouring the ultimate treat of having someone else do the dishes, I got to thinking of the various ways I’d have fun incorporating my blindness into a Halloween costume the next time I actually dress up. What better way to demystify the condition than by treating it as a subject you’re able to laugh about?
There are the obvious ones, of course, like donning a bat costume or putting together a getup to look like Daredevil, but my sense of humour tends more towards the irreverent. If you’re into the gorier aspects of the day, how much more fun would it be to go as a blind witch complete with broomstick mangled by the most recent crash? Or a blind zombie whose white cane becomes a distinctive and useful accessory in the rampage du jour? I could draw upon my seldom-used talent for looking dazed and confused/staring aimlessly in the wrong direction and play the role of zombie victim instead. Prosthetic eyes like mine could be used to great effect in any sort of haunted house-type setting or really take a corpse costume to the next level. 🙂

Gruesome isn’t my personal watchword at any time, including Halloween, so I’d be more likely to explore other avenues with any costumes I put together. Why not make my guide dog part of the ensemble and go for a Little Orphan Annie vibe? I have some coworkers that argue that I have all the makings of an effective NHL referee getup already, since they miss what’s going on right before their eyes anyway. I could find some sort of visual rendering of a solar eclipse, carry it around and keep staring at it. For a touch of whimsy, I kinda dig the idea of decking myself out like a super-professional-looking photographer, complete with top-notch gear and badass lenses…that would be totally wasted in my sightless hands. You’d get the same effect by dressing up as a Formula 1 driver.
No doubt you could find some way to work the blindness motif into your political cause of choice, either through satirical depictions of notable people or imaginative costumes illustrating an issue of the day (global warming deniers, anyone)?
Or you could keep it simple, as I would likely do…Pick up a double-edged sword and a set of scales and go as Justice> 🙂

See? “Disability” can be fun!

So? How would you incorporate a largely taboo subject into your Halloween ensemble? If you wore a more traditional guise this year, what was it? Sound off below!


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